Johnston Systems is a consulting firm specializing in helping small to medium-sized businesses. Located on the California Central Coast, we have clients all over the U.S.. We help our clients improve their business operations, attract more customers, make more sales, and deliver more profits to the bottom line. We have found that businesses often have outgrown their systems, processes, or know-how, and need our help to learn, catch up, and apply best practices so they’re effective again.

Business Automation: One of our strengths is knowing the what, why and how of business automation systems. Today’s businesses inevitably need to utilize many different technologies to be competitive. Some systems are necessary for internal processes, such as bookkeeping, order processing, client communications, or retail sales. Other systems are designed to make a business known to prospective customers, to establish branding and reputation, and sometimes to sell to or support customers by using Internet technologies.

Diagnosis: We help our clients diagnose need, specify systems to meet the needs, and implement solutions that are both appropriate and affordable.

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